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For questions regarding orders, such as delivery not matching the order, damaged product or other flaws, please place your question at the “Order Management” section in the website. It takes approximately 1-2 workdays to process your request. The response will be posted at the “Member Center” and an email sent to notify you.


 Once you enter your personal information and register, you will become a member of SUPERBICYCLE SHOP    with all kinds of perks and discounts exclusively for the members of SUPERBICYCLE SHOP.

→  Coupons

→  Pre-order of products

→  Promos

→  Special products at discount price for certain amount of purchase

→  News flash of new products and discounts

 •Members’ perks

Everyone is welcomed to become a member of SUPERBICYCLE SHOP.  We do our best to protect your interests and make sure all members’ information is kept confidential.  Please rest assured to join the big SUPERBICYCLE SHOP family.  We have a wide range of affordable but high-quality bike parts.  We offer our best service to make sure your shopping experience with us is a pleasant and enjoyable one. 

For every online member of SUPERBICYCLE SHOP, you are provided with:

 1. Perks for new comers

→  e-Coupon for birthday

→ Discounts and promos from time to time

→  News flash of new products and discounts

 2. Shop and get a good value for your money

→ Bike parts from major bike manufacturers

→  The more you buy from the ON-Sale product list, the more perks you get

→  Members are allowed to order discount products

→  Special products at special price for certain amount of purchase

→  Special gift for every purchase from time to time

 3. Secure and convenient payment for peace of mind

→  Multiple ways of payment are available

→  Payment through PayPal gives you peace of mind

 4. Complete after-sale service

→  30 days of warranty period is provided for the members’ interests

→ Questions posted will be responded in 12~48 hours (not including weekends and holidays)


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Xitun Dist , Taichung City 407

Taiwan (R.O.C.)