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Q1. How do I become a member?

1. You may click "here" and go the page where you register as a SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP member by entering your name, account and password; or click Login or Join Free at the upper right corner of the homepage, select " CLICK THIS LOVELY BUTTON" on the right and enter your information.

2. You may place your purchase at the shopping cart.  Click payment and you will be led to the “Join Member” page where you enter your personal information to complete the shopping.  Please provide your buyer information and send! Once your order is established, the system will put you in the membership list automatically.


Q2. What should I do if I lost my password?

If you forget your password, please click “Login or Join Free.” Then, click “Forgot Your Password?” and enter the email address you registered with, and an email will be sent to this mailbox with your password.


Q3. How do I edit my personal information and/or change the password?

Click “My Account,” enter you account (E-mail) and password to log in. Here you can change the email account or password with which you log in or the address to which your orders are delivered to. 

Q4. I want to subscribe/cancel the e-paper.

At the very bottom of the homepage, there is the “Subscribe e-paper” where you may “subscribe” or “cancel” the e-paper. 

Q5. Why did I not receive the confirmation letter/product arrival notice/e-paper for members from SUPERBICYCLE SHOP?

Members are advised not to use free email service, since it is possible to lose the order letters, product arrival and discount information. Also, check the junk mails because sometimes SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP mails are directed into the junk mailbox.